Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reflection Questions

  • When I started photography Freshman year. I didn’t think much of it that photography i thought it was u point you camera a something that looks cool or pretty or even the pretty sun setting that changes the color of the sky. Little did I know that photography was so so much more. I have learned so much from the two classes I have taken. From the way u angle a camera to get the right amount of light to they way you and colon  people into a picture making it look real. I think what I want to improve the most in the next couple year is working on lighting and the different way my arm can capture light differently.  I have gotten better at it but was want to become really good at it.
Inward Looking:
  • If I had to choses one of my favorite project would have to be the golden hour project. Both from this year and last year. I love how the sky changes as the sun sets, I love how you can capture so many different colors and sometimes get lucky with natural light leaks not from the rays of the sun it. I want to work on that in my future projects.  I have changed my idea on these hour of the day, in the morning it is more of a pink color and orange like a fresh start to the day and at the end it is and orange red color and it a pretty way of ending the day knowing that there is a tomorrow and as the color disappears the problems can to.  Photography gives me a different view of things like life and many other things.
Outward Looking:
  • When people look at my picture I want them to notice the color. If it is black and wight the details. If it is B&W I want people to try and figure out what colors would be where and does the B&W changes the meaning of the picture what does it do. When  it is  in color how the colors work together does the color tell a story.  If someone was looking at one of my picture I want what is in the picture to tell a story to the person like night sky picture what was the day like. Or in the still life picture what was each item means to me or what an item does and what it can do where it came from; the story behind it. In all my picture I try to tell a story for the view to try and figure out if it is straightforward or twisted under layer there is alway a story to be told.
Forward Looking:

  • If I had to choose one project to do over would be the leaves one. I wasn’t  a fan of my pictures, yes the turned out good but I just left like there was something off about them. I would have liked to have done it during the sunset and sunrise so that I could have a sun light glow on the leaves I think that would have brought more color so a hand full of my pictures.  A goal for next time would be get more creative with my picture. To bring a surreal to my pictures. To have a wow factor to them. Something that standed out. To make them more suprising to make people ask more question maybe push the boundaries. All things I want to do next time to make my pictures better.